I think all the world should find inspiration in Al Gore´s proposal, do you?


In the past 3 months I found many fantastic green blogs from experienced people that want to green the market and are working hard to make it happen.

I want to help this cause by letting others discover through this blog the best green blogs, sites and networks.

To introduce you to great blogs I’m going to challenge green-minded bloggers to comment on a green image while explaining “going green” to someone that thinks “green” is the right way, but is skeptic of some of the green buzz and methods.

I’ll keep writing about going green and soon I’ll start to review sites that are trying to promote responsible change in the world.

Change is happening.

Let’s grow green.


I find great that an increasing amount of customers are searching to expend their money on green companies and products, but I´m sure it is not the responsibility of customers to go out of their way searching for environmentally responsible products.

It is the responsibility of each and all companies to upgrade their product lines using the available technology and information in order to make all their products, if not green, the least harmful to the environment.

Because of its dynamic and fast pace, I think the travel industry should serve as a platform to showcase green initiatives and products, allowing others to incorporate ideas and see that going green is not as complex as some still think.

Let´s grow green.

I´m currently researching about web 2.0 and I´m discovering great tools for integration and interaction in this evolving environment.

I´m seeing many industry specific social networking sites taking advantage of the integrative tools provided by sites like Linked In and Facebook.

Green minds are also taking full advantage of the resources of web 2.0 and soon I´ll write about what I see as the most promising sites, the ones I think will help push my professional career in the right direction.

I´ll keep looking for sites that can play a big role in the immersion of my* company into the web 2.0 environment, for when the new site is launched.

Let´s grow green,

Daniel Aguilar


*The company I work for.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about how change is happening and the Internet is somehow being taken over by us and taking over the world at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about a near future where the Internet overcomes “the system” and easily gathers enough power to set the pace and conditions for a new version of the market.

At work things are going well and a few minutes ago I finally found a way to solve a problem that will set the direction of my next months at the company.

I ‘ll keep on thinking of ways to green each area of the company, I’ll keep on researching, I’ll keep on writing.

This is just the beginning,
There are a few great blogs that are becoming priceless in my green growth.
Look around, whatever you look for, you will find. (sorry about that!)

Where do you see the Internet going?

Listening to advice.

May 19, 2008

This week I had an interesting blog-conversation with Phil Cubeta from gifthub.com

Here is what he said in one of his comments after I asked him about the best approach he has found to encourage people to join chance now and about what can we do to change the market from inside.

“Avoid getting fired? Learn to take orders and to subordinate idealism to results? Concentrate on building a profitable brand. Seek patient long term capital (slow money)? Expect push back. Recognize that the world we have is deeply entrenched and that for every social ill there are private beneficiaries who will defend their right to harvest the commons and to externalize their costs. Green businesses may be in some cases more like an alibi for capitalism than a solution to its ills. Think about politics, social organizing, and levers beyond beyond green branding.

Look for profitable small niches where a closely held business might survive and prosper even against companies that do business in a less green way and who have access to lower costs of capital through Wall Street.

Beware Greenwashing and feel good pitches that capitalize on the green buzz, but may cover over the ills of the underlying company or of the unregulated market, or even of capitalism 1.0.

Do not assume that if you are successful it will be cheered by one and all. Ask not only how you will gain, but also what you are willing to sacrifice.”

Soon I´ll post the first featured article.

I hope you have a great week.




Humanity developed tools that make almost anything possible, achieving the unbelievable and making us feel in control of our existence or at least permanence in this planet.

Now we can easily go anywhere or talk to anyone we want, we understand our differences and similarities, we also know that, at least for now, we have no other place to go. There is only one tool we seem not able to find, and that tool is us.

There are many problems in the world that need be addressed immediately. I think people should take care of the problems that affect less fortunate people, and the market should care for nature’s balance, after irresponsibly taking advantage of natural resources for so long.

There is an undeniable sense of “connectedness” growing in our world, everyone feeling it must jump to action and help improve the human experience for all.

Let’s get the market to stop acting like earth’s enemy. The market is part of our evolution and it should act respectfully towards our biggest asset, our home.

Wherever you work, you can always push your company towards positive change, because “positive” is rewarding and worth respect.

As an active participant you can push for a greener market, selecting responsibly the companies you spend your money on.

Cheers to everyone that already embraced change.